Important Contacts


If you notice a pipeline leak, a damaged pipeline or suspect a pipeline issue, leave your home or the area immediately in an upwind direction. Then, from a safe distance, call 911. If possible, also call the emergency number found on the pipeline or utility marker.

Before digging or planting

Comply with Texas law. Dial 811 at least two working days before starting any digging project to have pipelines and utility lines located and marked. It’s free and it’s the law.

Right-of-way encroachment or questions

To report prohibited activity on a pipeline right-of-way or for questions regarding right-of-way restrictions, call the company listed on the pipeline marker. If there is a pipeline right-of-way on your property, you can obtain a copy of the legal right-of-way agreement at your county courthouse.

Customer-owned pipeline maintenance

Pipelines that connect gas appliances to distribution gas pipelines are owned and maintained by the property owner and should be periodically inspected. Some distribution pipeline companies provide this service. Licensed plumbers are also authorized to provide this service.

For non-emergency questions regarding natural gas piping that connects to your gas appliances, contact a licensed plumber.

Regulatory questions

The Railroad Commission (RRC) is responsible for the regulation of pipelines in Texas. Visit the RRC Web site or call (877) 228-5740.

General questions about TPAA

To request information about the Texas Pipeline Awareness Alliance, or to ask general questions, e-mail

Signs of a Pipeline Leak

Use your eyes, ears and nose to identify a pipeline issue and quickly respond.

Planning to Dig, Plant or Build?

Call 811

Know the Texas law and comply in four easy steps!