Signs of a Pipeline Leak


The best way to recognize a pipeline leak is by using your eyes, ears and nose.

Signs of a potential leak include:

  • Strong petroleum or sulfur (rotten eggs) odor
  • Dead vegetation or liquid on the ground near the pipeline, dirt being blown into the air or a dense white cloud or fog
  • Hissing, gurgling or roaring sound

Some pipelines may contain gases that are odorless. It is important to use your ears and eyes as well as your nose to recognize a potential issue.

Inside Your Home or Business

If you have gas appliances and smell sulfur or rotten eggs, you may have a gas leak. Do not turn on or off lights, or use electronic devices, including cell phones, in the house or building if you suspect a leak. Leave the house or building immediately. When you are a safe distance away, call 911 or the gas company.

If you have gas appliances, you may also consider installing a carbon monoxide monitor to detect and prevent carbon monoxide poisoning.

Near a Pipeline Right-of-way

If you see, hear or smell the signs of a potential pipeline leak near a pipeline right-of-way, leave the area immediately and warn others to stay away. Call 911 and the pipeline company when you are a safe distance away. Do not use automobiles, electronic devices or equipment near a suspected leak.

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