As the Chair of the Texas Pipeline Awareness Alliance (TPAA), thank you for coming to our site to learn more about our alliance. TPAA is a collaborative effort aimed at preventing damage to municipal and pipeline-operator-owned gas lines and ensuring the safety of Texans and visitors to our great state.

Excavation-related damages pose a significant challenge to pipeline operations, and many utility operators and municipalities are witnessing an increase in such incidents. How are you currently addressing this issue in your community? TPAA is here to assist you and offer valuable insights on how your city can benefit from our collective outreach.

At TPAA, we understand the importance of awareness in preventing pipeline accidents and excavation damage. Our alliance, established in 2006, consists of Texas pipeline operators committed to increasing public awareness about pipelines and pipeline safety. Through our annual statewide media campaign, we effectively communicate safety messages to residents across all 254 counties, generating over 45 million media impressions last year alone.

We are extending an invitation to municipalities to join our efforts in reaching stakeholders. By collectively leveraging our resources, we can afford an extensive campaign that would be otherwise unattainable. Participating in this effort offers several benefits, including:

  • Conserve your budget to maximize exposure to safety messages.
  • Cost-effective stakeholder outreach, proven effectiveness backed by survey results.
  • Solid media impressions in key markets, without requiring additional personnel or resources.

While there is much more information to share, I want to assure you that our program is regularly evaluated for effectiveness, and we produce documentation annually to demonstrate compliance with regulatory agencies. We collaborate closely with Southern Gas Association and media buyers to successfully implement our program and focus on an outcomes-based approach.

If you would like more information on TPAA or you would like to consider joining our alliance, please fill out the form below.

Deirdre Goggins
Texas Gas Service
2023-2024 TPAA Chair

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